What Happens Just Before Manifestation? Signs To Look Out For

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If you’re just beginning your manifestation journey, you may feel slightly apprehensive about your manifesting your goal. You may have questions, such as ‘how long will it take for my goal to manifest?’ or ‘what happens just before manifestation?’

Signs just before manifestation are a way of letting you know that you’re on the right path. The law of attraction is a powerful technique and the universe has its way of letting you know that good things are coming. 

To help you gain confidence with your manifestation journey, here are some common manifestation signs to look out for that will let you know that your dream life is coming. 

What Happens Just Before Manifestation? Signs That Your Manifestation Is On Its Way

You Get A Sign From The Universe

Many people see signs from the universe on their path of manifestation. This is often in the form of angel numbers. Some people see angel numbers daily. These are normally repeating numbers or a specific number sequence. 

Common angel numbers that you may see include 444, 1111, or 222. 

You may even see things like a white feather in your path, or something that has significance to you or your goal. Just know that these are signs that your manifestation is close. 

You A Feeling of Excitement

This is a great manifestation sign because it means that you’re already on the right path to manifesting your goal. Your positive energy is working and your subconscious mind knows that this is the exact time for your desires to become a reality. 

You Have More Energy Than Usual

Your vibrational energy is high which is a natural sign that your manifestation process is working.

Enjoy this time and don’t worry about how much work you have to do or how long it will take for your goal to manifest because everything will fall into place in due time.

People Notice A Difference in You

People are starting to notice that you’re feeling happier and more confident. This is often a sign that you’re on the right manifestation path.

You Are More Productive

If you’ve been getting more done than usual, it means that you’re progressing towards your goal. Take this as a sign from the universe that you’re becoming more aligned with your future self. 

You Are Attracting New Opportunities

A sign of a successful manifestation is often that new opportunities will come your way. These may not be related to your manifestation attempt, but your positive energy is fueling the law of attraction process. 

You Feel Like You Can Tackle Anything

If you’re starting to believe in yourself more, this can be your conscious mind tapping into a high vibrational energy. When you’re in high vibe mode, you radiate positive energy, attracting your goal. This means that your manifestation process is working and you’re going to achieve success very soon. 

You Are More Creative

Creativity can be a sign that your manifestation journey is going to be successful.

If you feel like you’ve been having some amazing ideas lately, this means that achieving your goal could be closer than you think. 

You Feel The Universe Is On Your Side

You have an unexplained feeling that the universe is on your side right now and there’s no reason why achieving your goal can’t happen soon. Maybe you have had a sense that you’ve been in the right place at the right time, or that your energy level is elevated beyond belief. 

You’re Not Preoccupied With Your Manifestation

You have so much belief in your manifestation techniques that you haven’t thought about your manifestation much. This means that you are confident that law of attraction works for you, and that your desires will undoubtedly become yours. 

You Feel Less Afraid of Failure

This means that you’re definitely moving forward towards achieving your goal as you have no negative feelings of doubt or second-guessing yourself. When your energy level is high, you can attract good things into your life and it is a definite sign that you can achieve your goal. 

People Are Being Supportive 

You’ve been feeling like you’ve got all the support in the world and this means that other people are helping you out with your goal on a deeper level. 

Life Feels Easier

When life is flowing easily for you, it can be a sign that your energy level is in tune with the correct frequency for your manifestation techniques to work. 

Your Hard Work Is Starting To Pay Off

You feel like you’re seeing the results of all your hard work finally pay off. For example, if you’re manifesting your dream job, maybe your colleagues are starting to notice your work or motivation. 

What Happens Just Before Manifestation? Things to Ask Yourself

Is The Universe Testing You?

Have you been feeling like the universe is conspiring against you? Obstacles before manifestation are extremely common. They occur as the universe wants to know that you truly want your goal, not because you’re on the wrong path. 

If you are certain that you want your goal, remain patient and know that your manifestation path is going to reward you. 

Are You Experiencing Deja Vu?

Deja vu is an unexplained feeling that you’ve experienced a specific event before and it happens when your conscious mind is still processing information from the subconscious mind.  

Your conscious mind is so busy trying to process the information that it can’t keep up. When this occurs, your conscious mind ends up processing something similar to what you have experienced before and as a result, you’ll have deja vu or ‘strange feelings’ when something happens in real life that reminds you of something from your dreams.

If you’ve been manifesting your desires, this can be a sign that your manifestation is close.

Have You Been Dreaming About Your Manifestation Goal?

What happens just before manifestation is that your dreams can signal that your desire is close.

If you’ve been dreaming about your goal lately, this is often an indication that you’re going to achieve it soon.

Let’s say you are manifesting money. If you start dreaming about winning money or money coming into your life in some way then this is a sign that you’re on the right manifestation path.

Dreams can be a great way to get a glimpse of what’s coming into your life in the future.  

It’s common for people to experience good things happening in their dreams before they happen in reality.  

This is because your mind is more relaxed when you’re asleep so it can access deeper levels of the subconscious mind where it can find information that could help you achieve your goal faster.   

In order to remember your dreams, you need to be in a very relaxed state when you’re about to go to sleep.   Try taking a warm bath before bedtime and then listening to some slow, meditative music as you fall asleep.  This will help put your mind into a deeper level of consciousness so you can access more of your subconscious mind while you sleep.


Now you know what happens just before manifestation. Just remember that your manifestation may not happen at the exact time that you expect it to. 

It’s perfectly normal for manifesting to take its time. Often, it takes a few things to align in your reality before your manifestation attempt works. 

Have patience and recognize that these signs are a good thing – your goal is getting closer and you will cherish it deeply when it emerges. 

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