A Powerful Morning Manifestation Routine To Accelerate Success

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A morning manifestation routine can help you to attract your dream goals faster. If you’re a beginner to the law of attraction or you want to create helpful habits to manifest with success, try our morning manifestation routine and start your day with a clear mindset.

In this blog post, we share our morning ritual for accelerating manifestation success, and give you some ideas of other things you can add to your morning routine.

First, let’s look at the 4 step routine we like to have when manifesting.

A 4 Step Morning Manifestation Routine to Create Your Dream Life

The early morning hours are a great time to start a law of attraction morning routine. This is when you’re starting a brand new day on a positive note, and you can implement certain tasks to increase your high vibrational energy.

Here are some daily rituals that we like to perform.

Write Down Your Goals or Intentions

Depending on where you are in your manifestation process, this can be something that you’re manifesting, or a small goal that will bring you closer to your dream life.

For example, if you are manifesting money, then maybe you will make a to do list of things you can do to make money online or a to do list of personal items you can sell.

Taking action is an important part of manifesting. You can’t attempt to manifest amazing things and expect them to be handed to you – you need to actively do things to show the universe that you want your goal in your life.

Once you’ve written your goals or intentions down, read them, either in your mind or out loud.

Alternatively, you can do script manifestation which involves writing down your goals in the present tense. You can more about it in this post.

Use A Visualization Technique

Visualization within your morning routine helps to lift your self confidence and give you the belief that you can tackle the day ahead.

You can either use a vision board method to help manifest your goal or you can spend 5-10 minutes creating a mental picture of yourself achieving your dream life.

When you picture your success, try to dig deep into how your body feels, what emotions you’re expressing, and the positive impact that your goal has on your life.

Listen To An Inspiring Video or Audio

There are some wonderful youtube videos and podcasts that can help you to connect with the feelings of having achieved your desired outcome.

For example, here is a video to help start your day in a positive mood.

Take Some Deep Breaths

Deep breathing helps to calm your thoughts and center your body.

Take a deep breath in. Hold it for four seconds and breathe out again to the count of four. Repeat this four times.

Relax into the feeling of knowing that what you want is coming to you, and it’s done so by aligning with your desires, not fighting against them or trying desperately to force something into being through willpower alone (remember: willpower alone is limited, but when aligned with desire, it becomes unlimited.)

You can practice this throughout the day as a reminder of what you’re working towards, but doing it first thing in the morning is best.

If you prefer, you can do some deep breathing in your evening routine before you fall asleep.

Start Your Day With Affirmations in Your Manifestation Routine

Affirmations are wonderful for helping you to stay positive for the entire day ahead.

Powerful affirmations also align your subconscious mind with your intentions.

Here are a few steps on how you can incorporate subliminal affirmations into your own manifestation routine.

Start by Writing Down The Thing You Want to Attract in Your Life

Sit down with a pen and make a list of what you want to attract – it’s ok if you have more than one thing on your list. This exercise is going to give you some personal growth.

Write them all out in one place so you can look at them as a whole.

Next, you’re going to focus on the one thing that you want to attract most of all. From now on, this is what you’re going to solely focus on for the rest of your morning routine.

Create An Affirmation

Create an affirmation by writing down one sentence for your goal. To do this, write down a sentence in the present tense that describes you as if you have achieved your dreams.

For instance, if you want to attract money into your life, you could write:

“I attract financial abundance with ease. Money flows freely to me in my life.”

Imagine The Emotion of Achieving Your Dreams

Repeat your affirmation, either by writing it down a couple more times or by repeating it in your mind.

This is important because if you don’t feel it already, you won’t believe it when it happens.

You can also write out how this emotion will feel (“I am excited when money flows into my life”).

Additionally, you can write out how this feeling will affect you (“I am excited when money flows into my life” and I will have more cash to spend on things that matter to me”).

Many successful people use current affirmations to get into the right mindset for achieving their dreams. When you’re in the right mindset, you believe that you can achieve anything you want – no dream is out of reach.

Other Things You Can Add To Your Morning Routine

Here are some extra steps you can add to your manifestation routine to increase your high energy and attract amazing things.

Eat Breakfast

Eating breakfast is a great way to start your day. Always eat something healthy like oatmeal, eggs or fruit.

Try to avoid eating processed foods and fast food, eat slowly and chew your food well. Your body will thank you. Nutritious food is a form of self care – when you look after your body, you can get into the right mindset of reaching your dreams. Plus, it’s essential if you want to have a productive morning.

Take A Long Shower

Washing your face and body with hot water can help clear your mind. You should make sure that you are in the shower for at least 5 minutes to get the full benefit of this. If you have a gym membership, then it would be even better. Showering is a great way to start your day because it helps you feel refreshed and increases your energy levels.


One of the best ways to start your day is by meditating. Meditation will help you focus on what’s happening in the present moment. It will also help you clear out negative thoughts and emotions that might be stuck in your head at night when you are trying to sleep.

A simple meditation could be saying a mantra like “I am happy, I am peaceful”. You can do this for 2-5 minutes or more if you feel like it.

If this doesn’t work well for you, try using a guided meditation instead. These are highly effective for mindset work and can have a massive impact on your self worth.

Go For A Morning Walk

Take a walk to clear your head, immerse yourself in nature, enjoy the weather, listen to a podcast or a music playlist that will motivate you.

Alternatively, walk mindfully to keep yourself grounded. You can do this for 5 minutes or more if you feel like it. Walk slowly, find a place where you can be alone and walk without any distractions.

If you want to go for a run instead, adding it to your morning routine helps to clear your mind and get rid of any negativity that has gathered during the night before.

Exercise is excellent for self care and it’s something that many successful people incorporate into their morning routine because of the benefits it provides.

Write In A Gratitude Journal

Practice gratitude within your morning routine to increase positive feelings and high energy.

When you express gratitude, your subconscious mind begins to effortlessly align with positive energy.

Gratitude is also a great way to improve your self belief. You begin to feel like you can make a difference in your everyday life – you have purpose, and you are thankful for what you have and the opportunities that you are going to receive.

So, how can you express gratitude within your daily routine?

Write down at least 3 things you are grateful for. It can be something small or big, it doesn’t matter. It could be positive events that have happened in your life, or it could something as simple as going to bed early at night.

When you feel happy and grateful, your energy levels will naturally rise, which is a great way to begin your day.

Here is an example of what you could write:

“I am grateful for having enough time to focus on my personal growth.”

“I am grateful for all the positive events that occur.”

“I am grateful for having enough time to focus on my self confidence which attracts new opportunities.”

Your Manifestation Routine is Here To Supercharge Your Success

Creating a manifestation routine is key to attracting the things that you desire.

What works for you may not work for others so take your time to adjust your morning routine to see what suits your life.

Remember, having a morning manifestation routine is a great idea to improve your mindset and change your life for the better.

If you want to find out more about the law of attraction, read this our ultimate guide on manifesting your desires.

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