Manifestation Box: An Easy Way To Set Intentions

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Creating a manifestation box is a powerful way to start attracting your dream life. Whether your wish is for money, your dream job or love, here we show you how to make your own manifestation box to enable your intention to become a reality.

If you’re new to the law of attraction or are searching for a fun way to manifest your desires, creating your own wish box may be just the thing that you’ve been looking for. A manifestation box is easy to make and you only need a couple of items to get started. 

Ready to put your deepest desires out into the universe?

What Is A Manifestation Box?

A manifestation box, otherwise known as an intention box or vision box is simply a way of manifesting your dream life. 

It’s almost like creating a vision board, except that you’re putting several items that represent your goal into a box The idea behind this is that it channels positive energy into the world so that your dreams can come true. 

Why Should You Make A Manifestation Box?

If you struggle with vision boards, then this practice may be one of the best tools for you to use. Using an intention box will give you a clearer vision to start living your best life. 

You’re showing the universe that you are ready to receive your request. 

Your positivity begins to align with what you really want out of life. Plus, it’s a really fun task to do!

Manifestation Box Requirements:

For this powerful manifestation tool, you need a couple of things, including:

  • A plain box or pretty box 
  • Some paper
  • A pen or pencil

Some extra objects if you’re feeling creative (we’ll mention these shortly).

How to Make A Manifestation Box, Step By Step Instructions:

Get your box ready

The first step is to find a box. You can use any type of box you like, but we recommend one with a lid, so that you have a place to keep your wishes secret. 

When you’re choosing your box, make sure that it feels right for you, and that you feel good about using it. If you don’t feel good about the box, then this method won’t work for you. 

Decorate your box (optional)

Decorate the outside of the box. This is entirely optional, but we think it looks really cute to decorate the outside of the box with pictures or words that reflect your intention for using the manifestation box. 

For example, if your intention is to manifest financial abundance in your life, then decorate your box with pictures of money or words like “abundance” or “wealth.” 

You can also use stickers, paint, craft glitter, gemstones, etc. 

What do you put in a manifestation box?

Fill up the inside of the box with items that represent what you’re trying to manifest into your life. The most important thing is that you place products that you connect with. 

Here are some ideas:

Letter of intent

Write a manifestation letter to the universe that is filled with gratitude

On a piece of paper, write as if you are talking to a friend. Keep your note uplifting with positive emotions. One of the best ways to do this is to write in the present tense as you would if you were writing affirmations or in your scripting journal. 

For example, “Thank you universe for all the happy moments that you are sending my way. My heart is filled with joy at the abundance I am receiving every day.”

Once you have finished your letter, place it in your box.

Written quotes

Quotes are an amazing thing to put inside your box, especially if they contain healing words that uplift your mood. Write your favorites individually on a small piece of paper. You can even scout Pinterest or use Canva to create pretty images with quotes on. 

Alternatively, you can use positive affirmations or affirmation cards that are connected to your goal. 

Here are 33 positive affirmations for emotional strength you can use for inspiration.


Photographs that you connect with or visually represent your intention are a great alternative to written words. 

Small objects 

Do you own any objects that symbolize your dreams? These can be special items that signify feelings or that represent your future self. 

For example, if you want to attract romance, you may have a beautiful candle with a romantic scent. 


Crystals are powerful tools for manifesting your desires. Every crystal has its own unique properties and is associated with a certain goal. If you don’t own individual crystal stones, you can use a gemstone necklace or bracelet instead. 

The best crystals to use for your box include:

Citrine – for overall success and prosperity

Rose quartz – for romance, friendship, family

Carnelian – creativity

Pyrite – money and wealth

Tigers eye – courage, luck, and balance

Selenite – peace and well-being

There are no wrong ways to fill your box.  Just make sure that everything has meaning for you and represents what you’re trying to create. 

Close the lid

Close the lid of the box. This is important because you want to keep your wishes secret until they come true. 

If you don’t close the lid, anyone will be able to see what’s in your box and know what you’re working on manifesting in your life! 

Keep it close

Place it somewhere where it’s easily accessible to you every day (e.g., on your bedside table). This is important because otherwise, it will be too easy for you to forget about it or leave it somewhere where no one will see it (and therefore forget about it). The more often that you see and interact with your manifestation kit, the more power it has in manifesting what’s inside of it! 

How to Attract Your Goals With A Manifestation Box

There are many ways in which you can use your manifest kit. 

Set aside time every day

Open up and read from your box every day (in the morning and/or evening). This is important because you want to keep your wishes top of mind, which will help them manifest faster. Some people like to read out loud what they have written on the inside of their box, while others like to just look at it. Feel free to choose whatever works best for you! 

Set weekly intentions or do a monthly practice

Once a week (or once a month), re-read what’s written inside the box and reflect on how everything is going, and how much progress you’re making toward your goal. Then close the lid of the box and put it back in its safe place until next week or month, or until your goal occurs.  

Does a Manifest Box Work?

I’ve been using this technique on and off since 2021, and I’ve noticed a TON of positive changes in my life that I’m pretty sure are due to this magical little box. 

I feel happier, lighter, and more confident about myself. I’ve been getting into better shape, losing weight, and feeling great about my body. My relationship with my boyfriend has improved a lot — we’re happier in general and have less conflict than before. 

I feel like this box is constantly sending me positive vibes and helping me to create a better life for myself.  

How to Let Go of Negative Energy

Whenever you get a negative thought about yourself, your life, or what you’re trying to manifest in your life, turn it around with a positive affirmation. 

This is an important step to take as the higher your good vibrational energy, the more likely it is that you will receive from the universe.

Affirmations are a great way to boost your vibrational energy. 

For example, if you’re trying to manifest more financial abundance and you think “I’m never going to make any money,” turn that thought around by saying something like “I am an abundant being who always has plenty.” 

Or if you’re trying to manifest a new romantic relationship and you think “There are no good men/women out there for me,” turn that around by saying something like “I am attracting loving relationships into my life.”  

Endless Possibilities Are In Store For You 

Manifest magic in your life with the help of a manifestation box. If you want to strengthen the power of your manifestations, try manifestation meditation for extra success.

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