Does Manifestation Meditation Work? (Revealed)

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Here, we answer the question ‘does manifestation meditation work? How does it work, and why is meditation important for the law of attraction?

There are many ways to manifest your goals, and depending on what you wish to attract, meditation practice is one of the best ways for your mind to subconsciously begin to emit positive emotions. 

If you’re ready to start creating your dream life, dream job, or dream romance, here’s why you should consider manifesting with the help of this wonderful spiritual practice. 

Why is Meditation Important for Manifesting?

If you’re looking to manifest your goals, you will want to incorporate powerful meditations into your life. This is because meditation helps to clear the mind of all of the clutter that comes with day-to-day stressors. 

By regularly meditating, you’ll be able to find a balance between your conscious and subconscious mind, allowing you to be in a state of calmness and peace. 

This is important because when you are stressed out or anxious about something, it can be hard for you to think about what it is that you really want. Plus, simply basing your goals on wishful thinking isn’t enough for them to come true. 

By using meditation as a tool for creating your desires, your subconscious will begin working with your conscious mind on finding a solution that brings these desires to fruition. 

Do you need to meditate to make your dreams come true?

No, you can use any manifestation technique you like, including the box method of manifestation.

Meditation is a powerful way to enhance your positive thinking and raise your vibrational energy. Plus, it’s one of the most effective relaxation techniques to calm and ground yourself. 

You can use meditation alongside affirmations, a vision board, or any other manifestation concept. 

Many successful people use several techniques at once to increase the strength of their manifesting power, and to release any negative thoughts that are affecting their thought processes. 

How Do You Meditate To Manifest What You Want?

The first thing to do is to find a comfortable place to sit down. You can either sit in a chair or on the floor. If you’re sitting on the floor, you can use a pillow to help make your position more comfortable.

If you’re sitting in a chair, make sure that your back is straight and that your head is up. If you’re sitting on the floor, then cross your legs and bring your hands together in either prayer position or lotus position.

  • Step 1: Close your eyes and take some deep breaths
  • Step 2: Let any intrusive thoughts melt away and continue to simply focus on the act of breathing in and out. If it helps, you can count your breaths as you inhale and exhale. 
  • Step 3: Visualize your dreams as if they are real. What does this visualization feel like?

Does your heart feel full of joy? Are you excited? Maybe, you’re feeling loved?

What can you see? Are their other people? What do they look like? 

Focus on every aspect of your intentions. Are you smiling as your experience happens? 

Think of it as a story being written in your mind. 

If you find yourself becoming distracted during this exercise, then just take a moment to acknowledge that fact and then try to refocus on the positive things within your visualization. 

Continue this mindfulness meditation for at least 5 minutes. You may wish to set a timer on your watch or phone beforehand. 

  • Step 4: Once the timer signals, begin to come back to the present moment. Stay here with your eyes closed for a minute or two to relax. Then, end the meditation session by opening your eyes. 

How long should I meditate for?

The manifestation process within meditation only requires 5 to 10 minutes of your time. This is long enough (with continual practice) for your brain to start perceiving positive thoughts around your desires, whether you want a new job, soul mate, money, or something else. 

Remember, meditation is a skill that you have to learn how to do. For some, it can be easy to get the hang of, but for others, it can take months before you begin to notice a difference. Have the patience to see if it works for you. 

The good news is that can do it at any time of day, although the best time tends to be first thing in the morning or just before bed. 

What if I dont enjoy meditation?

If this is the case for you, don’t worry! There are many different ways to practice meditation and manifesting alike. 

It’s important to note that many people have trouble with meditation because they are focusing on the wrong things. The best way to avoid this is by using guided meditation. 

Guided meditation give you step-by-step instructions to keep your mind focused on the good things.  

Does Meditation Make You More Aligned With The Universe?

A lot of people think that meditation makes you more “in tune” with the universe. This is true to an extent, but it’s not something that happens overnight.

With regular practice, several times per week, you’ll begin to feel the positive energy of the universe. Your intuition will strengthen, and you’ll be more open to the outside world. In fact, there will probably be a point when you have a spiritual epiphany. 

What is The Difference Between Manifesting and Meditation?

Manifesting is the art of creating what you want in your life. It’s a very simple process, but it’s not something that most of us are taught how to do. Meditation is an excellent way to get yourself into the right state of mind so that you can manifest more easily.

When you meditate, you’re training your mind to focus on what it is that you want. Scientific evidence has also shown that it has many benefits for good health, including:

  • Less stress
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Releasing negative energy
  • Increasing positive energy
  • Promoting better sleep
  • Stimulating creativity
  • Helping to reduce chronic pain

If you want to create your dream life, you need to be healthy, both inside and out. Successful human beings need good ideas, relaxation, and a good conscience. With this type of meditation, you have a powerful tool in your hands. 

Start Meditating Today for Law of Attraction Success

Take your manifestation technique to the next level with meditation. 

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