best crystals for anxiety and stress

Best Crystals for Anxiety and Stress: 17 Healing Stones to Calm Mind and Body

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Have you ever wondered what the best crystals for anxiety and stress are? Here are 17 healing stones that you can safely use to melt away uncertainty.

If you’re struggling with anxiety and tension, you’re probably looking for a little stress relief to calm your mind and body. The great thing about healing crystals is that they’re a natural resource, working to help realign our energy.

There are an abundance of healing crystals available to assist in healing burdening energy that everyday life throws your way. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed by daily tasks or are dealing with rising stress levels at work, reaching for a crystal with powerful healing properties can help to keep you centered.

How Are Crystals Good for Anxiety?

Crystal healing theory suggests that every object vibrates at a certain frequency. Crystals, which are formed over millions of years, have their own vibrations that are said to have healing properties to help raise our own vibrations when they are low.

Does Crystal Size Make a Difference?

The size of a stone doesn’t impact its energy as such. Large crystals emit higher frequencies that are perfect for placing around the home or in an open space. Smaller calming crystals are ideal if you’re using them on the go, particularly when they’re close to you. For example, in your pocket or on a piece of jewelery.

Smaller stones are still powerful enough to result in a change in your energy field to promote calmness and relaxation.

What are The Best Crystals for Anxiety and Stress?

The best crystals for anxiety and stress will depend on your personal preference. Many people often gravitate to a particular stone for crystal healing. If you’re searching for something to help your emotional balance, here are some healing stones to consider. You’ll also find out where to buy the best healing crystals for anxiety.


Does amethyst help with anxiety? Amethyst is a healing, soothing stone which dispels negative energy. It helps to promote emotional balance so that we experience regulated mood swings, alleviation of stress and anxiety, and less fear. This purple crystal naturally protects the body to help you relax in everyday life.

How to use: Holding amethyst in your palm can help you to stay calm in moments of panic.

Where to buy: Natural Amethyst Healing Crystal

Rose Quartz

As one of the best stones for anxiety and stress, Rose Quartz is said to fuel feelings of self-love. Rose Quartz helps to free emotional blockages, heal anxiety relating to love and relationships, as well as clear toxic thoughts. If you’re wondering what crystal is good for confidence, then here is your answer. For negative thoughts associated with self-acceptance, the healing power of Rose Quartz can soothe your soul.

How to use: Place Rose Quartz within your palm and breathe deeply. Repeat encouraging mantras to bring inner peace.

Where to buy: Natural Rose Quartz Palm Stone

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a beautiful crystal to add to your self-care routine. Smoky Quartz cleanses your mind to release high-stress levels, grief, fear, and tension. If you’re struggling with panic attacks, this stone may be the right crystal for you, thanks to its ability to help overcome negative thoughts.

How to use: Wear it as a necklace or place over the root chakra.

Where to buy: Smoky Quartz Crystal Pendant

Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate calms the mind, promoting serenity and spirituality. It aids the release of negative emotions, supporting balanced mental health, peace and tranquillity. If you’re searching for a stone that aids stability, Blue lace agate can help to ground you.

How to use: Place close to where you sleep so that its gentle vibrations can heal you while you rest.

Where to buy: Blue Lace Agate Stone

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is commonly chosen for its ability to protect energy. It prevents overwhelm, offering protection from negative energy. If you experience anxiety or tension from external influences, such as work or challenging relationships, Black tourmaline is the right crystal for you.

How to use: Placing this stone in your pocket calms and soothes.

Where to buy: Black Tourmaline Healing Stone Crystal


Rhodonite is a powerful crystal, offering comfort from fear and worry. This stone is a great choice for those with deep-rooted trauma as its outward energies support self-love and worth. Using Rhodonite continuously brings joy and generosity.

How to use: Hold this pink/red stone in your palm during meditation.

Where to buy: Natural Rhodonite Crystal Heart Gemstone


This stunning yellow crystal evokes confidence and happiness. Citrine promotes courage, aiding motivation and concentration. If social anxiety or performance anxiety is igniting your fears, citrine is a great choice.

How to use: Wear it as a pendant or piece of jewellery. Alternatively, add a Citrine stone to your bath.

Where to buy: Citrine Crystal

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is often used in energy healing to bring inner peace during times of distress. Clear quartz helps to center the mind and body, healing tension and worry. It can also amplify additional crystals, making it an excellent choice for a crystal grid.

How to use: Wear it as a necklace to stay centered during the day.

Where to buy: Natural Quartz Crystal Gemstone Pendant


Celestite is one of the most powerful crystals for anxiety and stress, proving a powerful option for anxiety-induced sleeping problems. It calms the mind to make you feel safe and protected. Celestite soothes and relaxes the body, dispelling fear and tension. This high-vibrational stone works with your third eye and heart chakra.

How to use: Place within your bedroom to help you drift off in the evening.

Where to buy: Celestite Crystal


Sodalite is a gorgeous blue crystal, encouraging feelings of trust, rational thinking, and clarity. It’s particularly effective for helping to communicate emotions to others. Furthermore, it brings calmness to the mind and body.

How to use: Place sodalite on the throat chakra to stimulate clear speaking. Larger sodalite pieces can clear energy when placed within a room.

Where to buy: Natural Sodalite Healing Stone


Lepidolite neutralizes anger and frustration, providing exceptional stress relief. This unique stone naturally features lithium which is used in anti-anxiety medication. Lepidolite balances emotions to calm the mind. It’s a crystal healer for anxiety and stress, bringing rationality.

How to use: Hold the stone during meditation or place a piece within your pocket.

Where to buy: Lepidolite Stone


Absorbing negative energy, Shungite reduces stress and anxiety. It’s also good for improving energy levels and keeping you grounded in times of difficulty. Its purifying properties are beneficial for helping to relieve insomnia.

How to use: Put a piece in your bedroom or carry it in your handbag

Where to buy: Polished Shungite Pyramind Stone


Moonstone is excellent for deep emotional healing, helping to balance thoughts and feelings. It’s effective in calming anxious responses to situations, as well as helping to guide you in the right direction to lift your positive energy.

How to use: Place on your third eye for natural healing.

Where to buy: Moonstone Large Palm Stone

Tiger Eye

Tiger’s Eye boasts a beautiful golden amber hue. As a healing crystal for anxiety and stress, it releases fear and anxiety, promoting courage and harmony. It has a beneficial effect on your mood, soothing stress and clearing the mind.

How to use: Keep it in your pocket during anxious periods or wear it as a bracelet.

Where to buy: Tiger’s Eye Power Bead Crystal Bracelet


Ease overwhelm with Fluorite. This calming crystal possesses harmonious powers, promoting peace and tranquillity. It’s also great for releasing mental blocks and melting away negative thoughts.

How to use: Wear it on a piece of jewelry or place it around your home.

Where to buy: Natural Fluorite Healing Crystal


Jasper is well-known for its positive effects on mental health. While it may have a less attractive appearance than other best crystals for anxiety and stress, it’s one of the best nurturing crystals around. If you’re struggling with performance anxiety or stress at work, Jasper provides clarity, quick thinking and self-assurance.

How to use: Place close to you, either on a desk, bedside table, side table, or anywhere within your home.

Where to buy: Natural Red Jasper Healing Pyramid Stone


Selenite offers peace and tranquillity, clearing negative emotions. Its commonly used as a lamp to bring a sense of calming energy. When placed within a room, it aids relaxation.

How to use: Place over the heart chakra or use a lamp close within your living room.

Where to buy: Selenite Crystal Tower Lamp

How to Clean Your Crystals

Why do these calming stones need to be cleansed?

Did you know that crystals can become jeopardized by negative vibes if exposed to outside elements for a long period of time? The best way to counteract this is to cleanse your crystals for optimal crystal healing.

Now you know what calming properties these stones can deliver, it helps to understand how to clean your crystals to maintain their good energy.

There are several ways in which you can actively cleanse your crystals, depending on your personal preferences and the stones you wish to clean. To cleanse your crystals once a month:

  • Place them on your windowsill to recharge during a full moon.
  • Bury them underground, in your garden for 24 hours. This allows the absorption of negative energy via the earth.
  • Use a cleansing crystal, such as a selenite tower, to clear their negative energy.
  • Smudge your crystals with palo santo or sage.

Combinations of Crystals for Anxiety

Combining crystals can enhance their powerful effects and healing energy. Some crystals work better together than others, depending on your overall intention. If you’re searching for natural tools for anxiety and stress, and want to know which pairings offer a mighty effect on your mind and body, try these combinations:

  • Smoky quartz and blue lace agate work well for general anxiety management.
  • If you’re looking to unblock very heavy emotions, selenite and black tourmaline are a good pairing.

The Best Crystals for Travel Anxiety

When it comes to the best healing crystals for anxiety and stress-related to travel, these options are effective:

  • If you feel anxious or stressed when traveling, using amethyst on its own helps to calm your travel fears.
  • Alternatively, you can use moonstone for protection, particularly as it’s said to deliver good fortune.

The Best Crystals for Social Anxiety

Do you feel anxious in social situations? Good crystals in these circumstances include:

  • Try using sodalite as this stone brings balance and self-awareness. It’s also good for improving your communication skills too.
  • If social anxiety stems from a lack of self-love, try rose quartz. This stone delivers emotional balance, opening your heart chakra to be loving towards yourself and other people.

The Bottom Line

These best crystals for anxiety and stress are a good starting point for anyone wanting to start using crystals or extend their crystal knowledge. Remember, crystals are not necessarily an alternative for anti-anxiety medication and our articles are not intended as medical advice. If you are suffering from bad anxiety, consulting a doctor or medical professional is always recommended in the first instance.

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