Bay Leaf Manifestation Ritual: How to Get Started

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Discover the bay leaf manifestation ritual for attracting your wishes. Here, we show what to do and the process of burning this powerful herb for love, money, or another intention.

Can a bay leaf manifestation ritual really make your dreams come true? There are many spiritual uses of bay leaves and many people have had success with burning bay leaves to attract abundance into their lives. This law of attraction technique may end up being one of your favorite ways to manifest. Let’s delve deeper to see how you can get started. 

What is The Bay Leaf Manifestation Process?

This manifestation method involves burning a bay leaf while focusing on what you want to attract into your life.  The process of burning the bay leaves is important because it represents the release of your desires into the universe

How Does The Bay Leaf Method Work?

Bay leaf smoke that comes from burning the leaves is released into the air where it can be inhaled by anyone nearby. This allows others to pick up on your positive energy and subconsciously become attracted to it. 

A key part of this ritual is choosing which type of bay leaf you should use. There are many different types with varying degrees of power. We recommend using either sweet or common bay leaves for this ritual.

Sweet Bay Leaves:

These are the leaves you will find in most grocery stores. They are a little more expensive than common bay leaves but they work just as well. It’s important to use sweet bay because they have a stronger scent than common bay. This allows you to burn fewer leaves and still get the results you want.

Common Bay Leaves:

If you can’t find any sweet bay leaves, common is a good alternative. It’s much cheaper but it doesn’t have as strong of a scent as sweet bay. This means that you’ll need to burn more common bay leaves than sweet bay in order to get the same results. You may find that burning 10-15 common bay leaves is equal to burning 5-7 sweet bay leaves

How To Do The Bayleaf Manifestation Method, Step by Step

Are you ready to get started with this powerful tool for manifesting your desires? Follow the steps below for the best way to do this method.  

Gather your things

​The first thing to do is get your supplies together. For this, you’ll require:

  • A bowl, plate or incense burner
  • Your bay leaves
  • Matches, lighter or candle 
  • Pair of tweezers
  • Pen

Decide your intention

​Next, it’s a good idea to know exactly what it is that you want to manifest. This could be a text from a specific person, have a successful business or acquire some money.

Burning bay leaves for prosperity is common so you can be open as to what you wish to attract.

Be as specific as you possibly can as this will help you to gain the best results from this method.

Write your affirmation on the leaf

​Now you need to write your goal as an affirmation on the leaf.

Positive affirmations are a great addition to this ritual as you can tell the universe that you are open to receiving something that is meant for your highest good. 

Write your manifestation goal in the present tense. We’ll use an example below to help you write this.

Let’s say that you wanted to use a bay leaf to attract money as a business owner.

For this, you could write:

“Every day, new customers walk into my store to make a purchase. I am grateful for the cash register ringing up sales”

Another example is:

Money enters my purse daily. Thank you universe for giving me financial abundance

There are many different ways to write your affirmation but using the present tense is key here. 

Visualize your desire

​Take the time to visualize your goal clearly and specifically. 

Sit back, relax, and close your eyes. Imagine your goal has come true. 

What will it look like? How will you feel? How do you act?

Doing this will help your mind and body to really believe that your intentions will manifest. 

Let go of negative energy

​Let go of any doubt or fear – This is where most people mess up when trying to manifest. 

They have worries about whether or not it’s working which creates unwanted energies preventing their goals from succeeding. 

Let go of your fears and let the magic happen!

Burn your bayleaf

Now it’s time to establish your space for burning the leaves

You can do this in your home kitchen, garden, or wherever is well ventilated. If you’re in a garden, make sure the wind isn’t too strong as it will blow your candle out. 

The first time you do this, take extra care as you don’t want to create a large fire

Place your candle on a plate or in a bowl. Light your candle. If you’re using an incense burner, you can place the candle in it and put your leaf on top. Alternatively, pick up your leaf with tweezers and hold it over the flame. Be careful not to put your hand too near the flame.

Burn the bay leaf. Watch the smoke go into the air and let go of any current worries you have. Today, you have taken the first steps to making your wishes come true. 

Release the ashes back into the universe

​Now it’s time to release the ashes back into the world. The first way to do this is to simply place them in the soil in your garden. This works well if you don’t have much time

You can also let the wind carry them away too. 


Once you have let go of your doubts, it’s time to relax. Don’t do anything stressful or overly exciting. Just enjoy the calm, happy feeling you are creating.

rust that the universe is working on your behalf and that the result you want will manifest in its own perfect time. You don’t need to force it or control it. But keep a positive attitude and know that it is coming! 

Common questions about The Bay Leaf Manifestation Ritual

Does The Bay Leaf Spell Really Work?

The magical properties of bay leaf have been used for many years, including for protectionpsychic development and manifestation during a full moonHerbs like the bay laurel, were even used in ancient times as the smoke of the Bay leaf was said to induce psychic powers

If you want to strengthen your psychic senses, try placing a leaf under your pillow at night. 

How Many Leaves Can You Burn?

If you want to manifest more than one goal, repeat the steps above for each one. When you are finished, sit back and enjoy how wonderful everything feels!

When Should You Burn A Bay Leaf?

There’s no right or wrong time. Some people like to do this method as a full moon ritual, especially as it’s said to be extra powerful during this time. However, you can perform the steps in this article at any moment you like. 

Can I Use This Method to Bring Prosperity To A Loved One?

Yes. If you plan to do this, be sure to speak their name when releasing the ashes back into the world. It’s also important to use their name on your affirmation

For instance, instead of using an “I am” affirmation, you could put “My family….”

How Long Does It Take For Manifesting With Bay Leaves to Work?

It could take a few days, weeks or even months. Have patience and give it a little bit of time to work. Try to stay positive and forget any anxieties or feelings of doubt. 

Before your manifestation becomes reality, you may notice signs, such as seeing certain numbers in your dreams or seeing specific symbols over the course of a few days like a feather. 

The next time you want to manifest something, give this ritual a try or take a look at some other popular manifestation methods like a manifestation box.

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