65 Summer Self Care Ideas To Refresh Your Life

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The summer sun is in the air and it’s the perfect season for taking care of yourself and practising self care.

Put aside your spring wardrobe and embrace the beauty of warmer weather, fresh flowers, and birds chirping.

Your summer self deserves to feel good. If you’re feeling like you’re ready to reset your mind and body, take a look at these wonderful self-care ideas.

These summer self-care ideas are thoughtful activities that you can easily implement into your daily routine.

Relax, reset, and take a moment to bring joy into your life.

Summer Self Care Ideas for Personal Growth and Improved Mental Health

Use these self care tips as part of a summer self care challenge and tick them off in your daily planner. Alternatively, use them as part of an amazing summer and boost your mental health.

1. Take a walk outside in nature.

2. Go for a run or hike outdoors and spend time enjoying more daylight, sunshine, and nature sounds.

3. Meditate with beautiful background music or sounds of nature (i.e., birds chirping, ocean waves, etc.)

4. Write in a journal about what you’re grateful for in life (i.e., friends, family, health, etc.).

5. Go to bed and wake up early to take advantage of the beautiful summer season on your way to work or school.

6. Head to your local farmer’s market to buy some fresh fruits.

8. Listen to your favorite songs that make you feel happy.

9. Take a long soak in the bath with Epsom salts.

10. Eat a healthy, but delicious breakfast, such as toast with egg whites and avocado.

11. Head to the local park and read a good book while having a solo picnic.

12. Go to an amusement park with your family or friends and concentrate on nothing but having a great time.

13. Spend a long weekend doing things that put you in a good mood, whether that’s going to a coffee shop with a friend, taking care of yourself by having some pamper time, or spending time in the sun.

14. Go to sleep early and wake up early to take advantage of the beautiful summer sunrise/sunset.

15. Make the most of the longer days by having fun outdoors. Go to a water park, go on an exciting road trip with a friend, or have an evening picnic with someone you love.

16. Rest your physical body by taking deep breaths and meditating. This is a good activity to improve your mental health.

17. Practice self care with a pamper routine. Cleanse and nourish your skin, apply soothing body lotion, and paint your nails.

18. Write a letter to someone who has inspired you or helped you in your daily life. This could be a person in your local neighborhood or someone online.

19. Declutter your personal space.

20. Do a random act of kindness for someone else, such as giving them flowers or paying them a compliment.

21. Light some beautiful aromatherapy candles.

22. Do a workout at your local gym. Just remember to stay hydrated, especially if it’s a hot day.

23. Head somewhere in your country for a mini-break. This could be a spa, cottage, or Air BnB. This is the perfect time to focus on your self care so forget the world for a while and enjoy the sun.

24. Eat your favorite thing in the world at a local restaurant.

25. Make some DIY skin treats, switch off your phone, and rest. You deserve to spend time on your mental health this summer.

26. Watch an inspirational movie or online video that gives you hope.

27. Increase your energy by using some cleansing crystals.

28. Make the most of the summer season and more sunlight by starting a mini garden. You can plant flowers or vegetables. Summer is the perfect time for growing produce.

29. Prepare some healthy meals in your kitchen. It’s a good idea to meal plan with nutritious fruits and vegetables that are beneficial for your body and skin.

30. Do some self care activities with friends. This could be pilates, going to get your nails done or getting your hair cut.

31. Make time to go see a new movie in the theater.

32. Redecorate your bedroom with bright, summer shades.

33. Go see a comedian perform live.

34. Go to your favorite museum, art gallery, or planetarium…etc…

35. Buy yourself something special that you have been saving up for.

36. Limit your screen time.

37. Start a weekly newsletter for people in your local area.

38. Have a girls night out.

39. Get a professional massage.

40. Give yourself a facial with essential oils.

41. Take a break by the beach, lake or river.

42. Switch off your phone for a day.

43. Have a fun dinner party with friends.

44. Buy an adult coloring book to unwind.

45. Try a creative hobby like painting or hand lettering. Practice makes perfect!

46. Form a small business, such as cake making or dog walking.

47. Sort out your closet. It’s a good idea to sort your clothes and accessories into 3 piles – one for recycling, one for mending, and one for donating to charity.

48. Go on a picnic date with a crush.

49. Spend a fun week getting into new habits with a habit tracker. New habits you could form include drinking more water, spending more time with people who matter to you or trying to be more mindful.

50. Take a week off work and take yourself on a fun solo adventure.

51. Read a book on personal growth or development.

52. Do self care with affirmations.

53. Try something new for the first time, like signing up for a course.

54. Lift your positive energy by doing a summer sport like surfing or rock climbing.

55. Sign up for a good cause like a charity run.

56. Take a long walk around your local area.

57. Gift a surprise package for someone special or kids in the local hospital.

58. Sign up for Netflix and watch a good summer movie.

59. Make a vision board.

60. Try a new hobby.

61. Start putting money into a savings account.

62. Bake a summer pie.

63. Take photographs and make a memory book filled with summer images.

64. Make a summer playlist of the best songs to inspire your self care.

65. Go for a summer bike ride.

Start Your Summer Self Care Today

We hope these summer self care tips help you to plan an incredible summer of relaxation and growth. Summer is to work on your self care as you can get outside in the summer weather and enjoy time with people who truly matter to you.

Use these self care tips to create a challenge – bonus points if you complete them all. Alternatively, why not establish a self care plan where you can tackle at least one thing on your list every week during summer. You’ll feel happier and more radiant by the end of the summer period.